Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summer Fun

These are the last pictures from this summer that I took. I can't believe it is already gone and that Casey is back in school. Abby sure is growing up quick. She is now crawling around everywhere and pulling herself up on everything and getting into everything. It sure makes watching her a real workout. I miss the days when she would just lay there and smile. Now she always wants to go somewhere else or do something new. Work is still going about the same as always. I like what I do but I miss Abby during the days I am gone. It makes it harder too, cause Casey is so busy with his studies that he doesn't have a lot of time to hang out with us anymore. I really miss the summer already. It was nice to be able to spend time together. But I'm glad that another school year is started and that there are only 2 more to go. The sooner he gets done, the better. It'll just be nice to not have him having to study every night and for me to be able to stay at home and watch Abby and the other future children-No we're not expecting-and be able to move on with our lives instead of still being in school. Anyways, here are the pics.


  1. Why have I not seen this little girl since she has been crawling all over?!?! And when did you take the pictures of Abby in her crib? They are way cute but it really looks like she is thinning out, she must crawl around like a crazy girl!!! We should have one more BBQ before school gets way crazy and before it gets cold... let me know.

  2. I love all the new pictures. Abby is so cute!!! Thanks for having me come and tend her the other day. It was fun.

  3. She's so stinkin! cute!!! Your pages look great too! Tell Casey "happy birthday" from us! One of these days we should get together and do something fun. I'm willing to travel or do whatever. We need a Girl's Day Out!(plus Riley :))