Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Life in the last 2 months

Well, I'm finally getting another post done. It only took 2 and a half months but here it is. We take so many pictures that I couldn't fit them all in a blog so I decided to make scrapbook pages out of them. Casey was able to find me a free program online that would do what I wanted and I've been making new ones every night for the past few days. It took me some time to figure out how to make them turn out right, but I think I've gotten it down. Eventually I plan on printing them out and putting them in a book for Abby. For now, I'll just post them on the blog.

Here's Abby and me at the 4th of July parade with Kristi and Olivia. They are growing up so fast.

She's not crawling yet, but I think she's getting close. She'll hold herself up and rock and then lunge for stuff and fall down. She gets around pretty good just spinning around on the floor and rolling around. I'm sure she'll just surprise us one day soon and start going.

We thought these came out cute. For those who don't know, Casey is a huge Cubs fan.

We've had a lot of fun this summer. A few weeks back we went up to Challis with my family and went to the hot springs and we found out that Abby just loves the water. She stayed in the pool with Casey for about a half hour. She likes to kick and splash and doesn't mind getting her face wet. So we bought her one of those little inflatable pools when we got home and she has had a blast.

We have had quite a few picnics this summer.

This is the one that Casey made. When we were in Bear Lake a few weeks back, Abby and Riley had a bath. It was really cute to watch them splash around together in the tub. Riley was tired though and was ready to get out after a few minutes.


  1. Mallory! You're scrapbook pages are adorable!!!! Abby is such a cutie! Looks like I need to get some tips from you.

  2. Mallory and Casey,

    I love all the cute pictures. I'm going to have to get some copies from you. Kym isn't the only one who needs to get some tips from you. The scrapbook pages are awesome!!!

  3. Good job on the digital scrapbooking. Those are all way cute! Abby is such a cutie, I love the crawling one.

  4. Mallory! I haven't seen you in SOOOOO long. How have you been? Looks like you are doing great! Abby is ADORABLE!