Monday, March 2, 2009

Abby is 3 months old. Holy crap!

It has been a while since we updated our blog and Abby has gotten so big and we've taken so many cute pictures, I figured it was time to post a new entry.

I am cute!

Ok, I was bored and eating Cheerios and decided I would see if she likes them. She just sat there and stuck her tongue on it. It was funny.

Tosh and Abby snuggled up to each other in Abby's pack n play.

Tosh, our gimpy old dog likes to sniff and play with abby. One day she sniffed too close and Abby popped her in the nose. We thought it was an accident until our other dog Miley started sniffing Abby up close and got popped in the nose as well and ran off wimpering. Grandpas Dean and Clint would approve. Now that Tosh knows to keep her distance, they are buddies.

Abby in her Valentine's Day dress. It fit a little snug and was a little too short. She's growing up too quick.

She tried to kiss the camera in when I was trying to take this picture and it came out really cute.

I think these headbands and flowers are cute. Casey, not so much. He says she's a baby not a flower and looks cute without all these little accessories. I don't care tho, I like 'em. He says whatever you want to do. I think if it was up to him she'd be dressed like a pioneer baby. He's already talked about using washable diapers so we don't have to keep buying them.

Another cute flower picture. Ain't I cute mom.

Abby likes to be read to, but she is usually more interested in watching movies (Cars is one of her favorites). I guess she takes after her dad(who owns hundreds of movies).


  1. I'm so glad you updated!!! She looks DANG cute in her V-Day dress! I love the pics with her and Tosh too! My mom said she loves to smile a lot now, too! I wish we could come see her.

  2. My Casey says the same thing about the headbands. But they are cute!! We need to all go do something. It has been awhile. Next time I see you remind me to give you your book back too!!! I want to see that cute chubby girl soon!!

  3. Hi! Abby is so adorable. I am glad you have a blog so we can see you guys! I just put cellaphane in my taggy blankets. You can buy a big roll of it and just cut a piece for it. They are so fun! CUTE BLOG!

  4. Oh my Abby is soo cute!! I haven't seen you guys in so long...its nice to see that you three are doing great!

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  6. more pics please. of you too mallory!!!
    HOpe all is well!