Saturday, February 7, 2009

Abby's baby blessing

On Sunday (Feb 1) we blessed Abby in church. She looked so cute and was such a good girl. She was a little late coming to church and her dad was starting to get a little nervous because she spit up on her dress a little and I had to clean it up before we could come. I was riding with my mom because her and Connor were running a little behind too. Casey, who had to come earlier do do some stuff for his calling, was worried we weren't gonna make it on time, but we made it with a minute or two to spare thanks to Grandma Karalee's rocket ship driving. Everything went really well and we got to visit with a few of our family and friends(we have such a small apartment, there wasn't room for everybody so we just had immediate family there with a couple friends) for a while after church until the Super Bowl started. The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of Casey's favorite teams and he had to get ready to watch the game. He was supposed to do some studying for a test during the game, but that didn't work out so well-He still Aced the test tho. I'm glad they won because he can be a bear when his team loses. Here are some of the pictures we took of little Abby in her dress, which her Great Grandma Sheryll got for her down in Arizona while they're on vacation and sent to us. It wasn't meant as a blessing dress, but it was so stinking cute we decided we wanted to use it.

Great Grandma Sheryll also made these really cute bracelets that matched the dress perfectly. Kristi and I went shopping and found the perfect bow to match the dress. It was on a display, but the nice lady sold it to me anyway and it was only a dollar.

This picture came out really cute. She had to cry herself to sleep before she let me take some like this.

This picture shows off just how cute the little dress is.

She looks so peaceful in this picture.

Here is one of the ones that came out good while she was awake. She is such a cute little baby.

Here is a cute one of Abby and her cousin Riley.


  1. I love, love, love all the pictures of Abby!!! She is such a doll and Casey did a wonderful job with her blessing. Thanks for the DELICIOUS cupcakes as well. I'm so glad you started a blog. I love looking at everyone's and just keeping in touch. Abby looks so precious in her little dress. My favorite picture is the one her in her purple outfit. What a cutie!!

  2. Congrats on the pretty baby girl! She is such a cutie!

  3. Hello family! Looks like your doing well, the new addition is just adorable!! Glad your blogging, now we can keep in touch! love ya take care!

  4. Mallory! She is a chunka wunka! I love it! You coming for Easter? Good I can kidnap her-then give her back:) I am DONE with babies!!