Saturday, April 25, 2009

5 Months Old

Well Abby is now officially 5 months old (yesterday). She comes in weighing 20 lbs and is 25 inches long. She is now in 9 months clothes, we call her our little chunky monkey. She now rolls over both ways and does a pretty good job of sitting up on her own. Just in the last couple weeks she has changed so much. So, we've got a bunch of new pics to show off. I like to take lots of them. Casey teases me sometimes, but I tell him at least Abby's growing up years will be well documented.

These two pics are of Abby in the walker that Casey and Kristi are letting us borrow since Olivia doesn't really care for it. So far, Abby seems to think it is great. She likes to play with all the little toys on it and tries to eat them. She tries to eat darn near everything right now because she's in the beginning of the teething stage. That makes things much more "fun" for us cause now we have to pay attention to everything that we leave around her.

She is such a happy child!

These two are some pictures that Casey took while she was taking a nap last week while I was at work. He said she just grabbed my blanket(yes I still have my baby blanket) and just snuggled up to it. He said she was all wrapped up in it. They were getting ready to come get me and he needed to go wake her up. He said when he turned on the lights to try to get her up she just kept pulling the blanket up over her head. She doesn't like to wake up any earlier than she has to. Just like her mom.

We thought it was pretty darn cute.

Here is a picture of her in the tub that I took while we were at my Grandma's house over easter. She just loved taking a bath. At our house we just have a stand up shower so she doesn't get the opportunity to play and splash in the water. She just kept laughing and splashing and we thought this was the cutest picture of the group. We would show a picture of her in her easter dress, but it is on my mom's camera and we haven't had a chance to get it from her yet.

Casey and Casey were at the park practicing softball and it got cold so Kristi and I took the girls home to play. This is a cute picture we took of Abby with Olivia(I guess you could say this was Abby's first play date). I think they'll be friends.

This was our first attempt at eating solid food. We made up some rice cereal and tried to get her to eat it, but as you can see most didn't make it down. We're working on it a little at a time. She was happy to take the picture tho.

This is what she does to herself when we set her on the floor with her toys. She just grabs them all and puts them on her face. Then she gets mad because she can't see, but looks so happy when you come over and move them off her face

Peek a Boo I see you mom.

We try to give her as much "tummy time" as we can so she'll learn to hold herself up good and eventually start to crawl. Sometimes tho, when she gets too close to things she goes all cross-eyed. I think that's one of the many reasons she doesn't like sitting on her tummy. Now that she can roll over on her own, it makes it tougher to get her to stay like that.

Here's a cute pic of me and Abby playing Casey in MarioKart. She wasn't much help, but she liked playing with the controller.


  1. Mal, your baby is soo cute! I've put you guys on my blog now so maybe we'll stay in touch better :).-tiff

  2. I am so glad to see new pictures!!! I'm glad that Abby likes that walker, at least someone can get a use out of it!! And you still need to send me those pictures of Abby and Livie playing!!! School is almost over so maybe we can actually do something sometime!!!

  3. Hey, I just have to say that Abby is so dang cute!!! We can't wait to see her in person again soon. I love this blogging thing. It gives me the chance to see lots of pictures of my CUTE grandkids!!! Thanks for sharing them, Mal. Yes, I started a blog too, but so far it has nothing on it. Maybe sometime in the near future, I'll get it going. Love ya!!!!

  4. She is so cute! I can't believe how much she's changed!!!! She looks like she's such a happy baby. Hopefully we'll get to see you guys soon so the babies can play together! :)

  5. Hey, I just found your page off of Kym's. I Casey's cousin Elliot's wife, anyways your little girl is so cute. I hope I can see her in person soon!